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Give us a brief description of the service that you are promoting. Try keep it short so that it is easy for people to scan your page.


Our Care Facility Management Services are comprehensive and are aimed at providing Care Facilities with a management framework that enables more profitable operations and optimal standards of resident and patient care.

In fact in South Africa, we are the exclusive providers of such a framework, with accompanying services and support.

Our team is hands-on and works closely with you to implement practical improvements across every aspect of your facility. With transparency, ethics and good governance as the foundation of how we work, you can be assured of achieving the highest Care Facility Ratings.


Our thorough assessments are based on the requirements set out within our framework, as well as the Department of Social Development (DSD), and take into account every aspect of the facility – from administrative requirements such as the assessment of founding documentation, financial controls and office operations, to applications, patient or resident care, housekeeping, maintenance, human resources and general management.



Following our thorough facility assessment, we integrate our findings with our Governance Framework and develop a tailored Operational Strategy and Implementation Plan to address deficiencies in the facility.


Our highly skilled team is fully hands-on at every facility under our care. We work closely with the existing management and staff to provide coaching and guidance which enables the timely, and comprehensive adoption of improved methods of management and operations.


Our financial management and administration team works closely with staff at the facility, and empowers them to address deficiencies in founding documentation, data management, policies, financial accounting and general administration.


In addition to ensuring that the basic Conditions of Employment and South African Labour Law is observed by management within a facility, we also provide guidance regarding labour related matters and assistance in establishing a supportive employment environment.


The Department of Social Development (DSD) has the right to conduct a check on our organisation and our interventions at any time. We are also required to provide no less than 4 full reports to the DSD annually. In addition, we see it as perfectly reasonable for any individual associated with a Care Facility, to request detail as to our operations. It is for this reason that we ensure continuous monitoring and evaluation of each facility, and the comprehensive, up-to-date and transparent reporting, both of our operations and of the Facilities under our care.


Following the accomplishment of the tailored ICRA Operational Strategy and Implementation Plan, we hand operations over to the management team at a Care Facility, using a phased approach. Our team remains available on a consultative basis once the handover has been completed.

“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living”

Albert Einstein